Terms & Condition

Welcome Nature Lovers. It gives us a great pleasure to invite you to our unique property In Goa. Thank you for booking our property which for you is a Resort / Hotel but,  we call it a Camp sit, Many will find the below quite weird but please understand that we Wait is give you a Wild camping experience:-

1. Our property service time is from 08:00 to 22:00 hrs.

2. Our staff are from this remote Village & Konkani is our language, if you do not understand them please communicate only to the duty manager. We will listen to your suggestions/ advice if you’re facing problem. Help us to help you. Don’t complain after you depart.

3. If you arrive or depart between 22:00 to 08:00 hours no staff will be in duty. The key of the room allocated to you will be on the door so go sleep and the next morning at 8:00 come to the reception register & pay your bills. If checking out at off hours please pay your bills before & park your vehicle outside our property before 22:00 hrs. Anyway Parking within or outside our property is at your own risk.

4. Use the revolving gate to enter/exit located besides the main gate as Animals enter & destroys our plantation. Please keep gate closed.

5. Foreigners must produce your Passport & Visa and Indians Government Photo identity during Registration. Govt rules do not accept Pan Cards.

6. Everything out here is self service to please ask the receptionist to give you an orientation tour, of the  camp before checking in.

7. Please carry your bags yourself as the first camping experience.

8. We drink tap water. Please collect a jug and,fill it with filtered water at the Bar yourself. We advice that you should drink bottled mineral water.

9. If there is no hot bathing water in the taps please take the bucket from the room and collect it yourself from the Reception. Same applies for drinking filtered water.

10. No Room service is provided. We also do not permit consuming food & drinks inside rooms, as this is a Jungle Camp. Even if you bring your own food & drinks please store & consume it outside your Cottage & leave our property clean & tidy, the way it was when you checked in.

11.Food & Beverage is self services. Time 08:00 to 21:00hrs. This includes Clearing your soiled plates & leaving them at designated areas. If you consume outside Food & Beverages in our Restaurant Rs. 300/- per person corkage will be charged to your account. If you want dinner please place your order before 17:00. We will serve it at any time before 21:00 hrs.

12. Please read house rules located on the notice board at Reception before checking in.

13. We do not encourage Music & Television. For a change just talk & enjoy your partners company & listen to Nature. If you want to party ask for designated area.

14. The entire property is under digital Surveillance, you are not entitled to recording

15. We reserve all Rights to what is written on this page and in our property.

16. All Camping guests are entitled to 25% in house discounts coupon on all activities only if they purchase dinner with us. No dinner no discount. Do not feed or go close to the Animals (Eg: Birds, Cats, Dogs, Monkeys, Elephants, etc ) even if ill they are restrained.

Wi-Fi Charges @ Rs. 100/- per day. FREE WI-Fl is available only at Reception if you accept our friends request on Face hook.