• Duration

    A Night in the jungle

  • Duration

    Eco Cottage (Double Occupancy)

  • Price

    Rs. 2300/-

  • Price

    Rs. 1499/-

Eco cottage — Nature Walk — Breakfast — Lunch — Jeep Safari /Trek to Dudhsagar  Waterfalls at 8:00 AM at extra costs  — Forest Walk to Devils Canyon — Plantation tour — Lunch — Mehandi — Tea — Sunset Walk  — Nature movies — Dinner.



Built using mud and stones, these huts are going to give you a feel of living with the nature. With an attached toilet and bath room, we have mixed the modern luxuries with traditional structure.

Plantation Tour

A walk through the spice garden to see and taste the spices in its natural form. We have a variety of plants bearing different types of spices like black pepper, chillies, bay leaves, cardamom to name a few.

Jeep Safari

Take a Jeep Safari to the famous Dudhsagar Water falls. Enjoy nature at its best.

Forest walk to Devils Canyon

This strange Canyon carved out of solid rock by the path of the river is notable not just for its natural beauty but also for its tales and greatness that surrounds it.

Sunset Walk

This sunset walk is a group tour specially curated for people who like to witness the amazing sunset view.

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